Gender swapping is post-modernist propaganda

Yes, movie criticism under politics and not under entertainment, because this crap is drenched in identity politics and political correctness to such an extent that they're more accurately classified as propaganda than they would be as entertainment.

This article is retitled from "The lazy trend of gender swapping" to its current title. As this intro implies: this trend has a vile political agenda at the core of its origin, not lazyness or anything other unintentional. When it comes to story writing, it's still lazy though.

Arend Nijdam    22 August 2022
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  1. A boring pattern
  2. Star Wars Ep. 7/8/9 (2019 Movie)
  3. Star Trek: Discovery (2017 Series)
  4. Cars 3 (2017 Movie)
  5. Batwoman (2019 Series)
  6. Dr. Who - Thirteenth Doctor (2018)
  7. Men in Black: International (2019)
  8. Ghostbusters (2016)
  9. The Next Karate Kid (1994)
  10. American Psycho II (2002 Movie)
  11. Herbie Fully Loaded (2005)
  12. Ocean's 8 (2018)
  13. What Men Want (2019)
  14. The Mummy (2017)
  15. Captain Marvel (2019 movie)
  16. Thor: Love and Thunder (2022 Movie)
  17. She Hulk (2022 series)
  18. What's up Hollywood?

A boring pattern

Gender swapping is lazy and boring story writing. Ironically it undermines its own main goal: to show that women are powerful and able too. If women are powerful, then they should be able to develop their own stories and personalities. If a woman don't need no man, then why do these protagonists need to steal the back story, personality, and shticks of their male predecessors? Why can't they actually live out their own story?

This is an arbitrary and incomplete list of movies and series that has the leading character of the intellectual property gender swapped. A reoccurring pattern in many of these is the following...

The Pattern:

A well-developed, popular, strong male protagonist is all of the sudden giving up on his cause or has fallen from grace. Luckily there is this new woman who happens to look just like him. The man steps aside for this woman to take the role of heroic day saver. The giving up of the original hero has little to no reason or explanation, and the female substitute often has a new, arrogant, under-developed character and story arc. You don't really like her... not because she is unlikeable per se, but because she is new, you just hardly even know her. They just threw her in the mix. Everything you think you like about her is based upon her male predecessor, who you've known for decades, and is actually cool and original. 

Star Wars Ep. 7/8/9 (2019 Movie)

The last three movies pretend to be sequels, but multiple essential recycled scenes from the classics reveal that they are actually remakes (rebels on a mission to sabotage a death-star-like weapon?)… Anyhoo, who is this Rey character? A girl living on Tatooine, just like Luke. She hangs out with robots, just like Luke. She has a talent to use the force, just like Luke. She hardly needs any training to use the Force, she just uses it instinctively, because a girl-version of Luke is just better that way. She beats the bad guy with the full facial black asthma breather, just like Luke. And finally, Luke himself is all of the sudden not even a shell of the hero we all knew he always was (fired up, passionate, reckless, willing to give all for those he loves). Luke is troubled, worried, weak, and steps aside. He teaches Rey, a symbol of his approval, because that’s what a true post-modern feminist gender swap needs: for the man to willingly give his power and position to the woman. It’s the feminist dream lived out in movies, and to name the only thing positive: that's where those dreams will stay

Ladies, I'm not being mean. If you want respect for your accomplishments in life, then don't take them from men (or... other people in general). Gather your own power, money, personalities, you can do it!

Box office worldwide: $1,074 million (Hey, it's Star Wars). 

Star Trek: Discovery (2017 Series)

No we're not talking about Janeway, she was cool. The actor of Discovery's Captain Michael Burnham was not only female, but she was black too! Finally: equality established. It was obvious that the Captain was not a woman because the story asked for it, but that the Captain being a woman was crammed into the story. In the first episodes of Season 1 Brunham becomes #1 officer on a starship, starts the greatest Klingon war to date, and gets jailed for mutiny. How were they ever going to build up more excitement over the course of the show? Ya, they didn’t. They threw all they had into their pilot episodes because their female Captain had to look bad-ass. Season two's problems are Season two's problems... still unsolved. 

Status: officially renewed for season 5 in January 2022 

Cars 3 (2017 Movie)

Lightning McQueen gives up on ever becoming a champion again, he feels he just doesn't have it anymore. Instead, he focusses on coaching his female substitute. 

Box office worldwide: $383 million, Cars 1 (2006) made $462 million. 

Batwoman (2019 Series)

Bruce Wayne left. Why or how? Who knows. Luckily Batmans cousin Kate walks into the bat cave, ever so ready to literally take Batmans shoes, car, airplane, and so on... not his suit though, not until it has boobs. Girl, you could've at least chosen a fresh pink color as well. 

Not gonna let a man take credit for a woman’s work. 

You only need his military gadgets, his fortune and his life to do anything though... 

Luke: The suit is literal perfection.
Kate: It will be. When it fits a woman. 

Yes, because Batman with tits is always better... is there a non-sexist message in this quote I failed to pick up on?

The studio per se wanted to cast an LGBTQ actress, so they got one. These days, if you want a part a in television show, they don't look at your acting skills, but whether you like penises or vaginas. At least they're focussing on the important things. Batwoman, the character in the show, is a lesbian too. The pro-women message is getting overwhelmed by a men-hating-vibe, which is just sad really. 

When the S1 LGBTQ actress left, they totaly improved their diversity by casting an African American woman.

Status: S1E1 had the highest amount of viewers of the season with only 2.8 million, S2 caused an 80% drop in viewers.

Dr. Who - Thirteenth Doctor (2018)

The concept of a female Doctor was first mentioned in 1981, but they never actually made a female Dr. Who season, because its lazy, unnecessary, boring, and short term gimmicky. 

Status: With 4.43 million viewers, The Halloween Apocalypse now holds the record for the lowest rating of any Doctor Who season premiere episode. That’s about a 50% drop compared to E1 of her first season.

Men in Black: International (2019)

Sony boss said that Men in Black: International failed because it didn't have a "strong enough idea". The idea was: let's make Will Smith's character a woman. So yes, I agree.

Box office worldwide: $254 million, budget: $110 million. MiB1 (1997) had made $589 million on a $90 million budget. 

Ghostbusters (2016)

In the original 1984 movie, the jokes were sharp, subtle, integrated in context, and last but not least: funny. The full quadruple gender swap had forced one-liners full of sexism and identity politics that no real person actually agrees with.

Okay, I don't know if it was a race thing or a lady thing, but I'm mad as hell! 

Because ghost are either racist, or sexist. That’s it, those are the two options. 

When Kevin has his job interview with the lady-ghostbusters... nothing but sexist remarks: "Kevin, oh sucha manly name", "are you seeing anyone?", "pull it out!"... and they hire him as a piece of eye candy. Because sexism is okay when it comes from women. Kevin is played by Chris Hemsworth, and he actually is eye-candy, but thats not the point, come on focus people... The message here is that feminists want to oppress men the way men apparently oppress women all the time. They don't want equality, they want revenge, and their turn to act like pigs.

Box office worldwide: $229 million, budget: $144 million. Ghostbusters (1984) had made $296 million on a $30 million budget. 

The Next Karate Kid (1994)

This time it’s a girl that needs to learn karate. Not to kick some bullies ass, but to overcome past inner traumas, it's so much more deeper and meaningful. Clearly the desperation for a story line that fits a gender swap was real in the 90ies too. 

With the 2010 movie they did a race-swap. I'm certain Jaden Smith will beat me with karate, and that he is a better actor, that’s not the point. The question is: did it add value to the intellectual property? I expect that a future iteration will feature a colored transgender person in a wheelchair, and rightfully so, those people are highly underrepresented in karate movies these days... so unfair. 

Box office: $15.8 million, budget $12 million. The Karate Kid (1984) made $130.8 million on a $8 million budget. 

American Psycho II (2002 Movie)

Because women can be insane killers too. Apparently that’s a good thing that needs more gender equality. The original male killer gets killed by the new girl early on in the movie, to establish female dominance and superiority. 

Box office: n/a?, budget $10 million. 

Herbie Fully Loaded (2005)

Herbie has a tendency to choose his own driver (Like Mjolnir chose Thor), guess who he chose this time? Maggie wants to become a NASCAR driver but her overprotective (read: oppressive)  father won't hear of it.  

Box office: $144 million, budget $50 million. Herbie: The love bug (1969) made $51 million on a $5 million budget. 

Ocean's 8 (2018)

Because women can be thieves too. Apparently that’s a good thing that needs more gender equality (ah, that’s easy blogging). All the Ocean's movies are about a gang of professional thieves planning and executing a complex heist. Similar like Ghostbusters (2016), the gang is now female, because that’s a clever twist that surely will pull people back into the cinemas. 

Box office: $298 million, budget $70 million. Ocean's Eleven (2001) made $450 million on a $85 million budget. 

What Men Want (2019)

Gender swapped, and race swapped. Ali Davis is oppressed at work by men, in a naturally by men dominated field that she herself chose to work in. No really: who becomes a basketball (NBA) sports agent for male athletes unwillingly or by accident? In male the sports world male culture is to be expected, but in the movie all her colleagues are assholes to a level that just does not happen in real life. Maybe one or two, or some... but all guys? The movie just isn't very realistic (did I really felt the need to type that out?). If you would encounter a situation that toxic, just take the high road and leave... that's advice for men and women.

Box office: $72 million, budget $20 million. What Women Want (2000) made $374 million on a $70 million budget. 

The Mummy (2017)

A remake of the 1999 movie, only darker, more serious, non-comedic. In this case I agree with the discission of making the Mummy a female. After all, women are more serious, scarier, meaner, more vicious. We didn’t need a movie to prove that, but credit where credit is due: the gender swap for this antagonist had some logic to it. 

Box office: $410 million, budget $125–195 million. The Mummy (1999) made $416 million on a $80 million budget.

Captain Marvel (2019 movie)

In 1972 Marvel licensed the "Captain Marvel" name from DC. DC renamed their character to "Shazam" and Marvel continued with what they had developed. 

Captain Marvel (Space alien name: Mar-Vell, Earth alias Walter Lawson) is male comic character that first appeared in Marvel Super-Heroes #12 (1967). He is the first bearer of the name "Captain Marvel" within the Marvel brand. 

Walter Lawson had a girlfriend named Carol Danver. Inspired by 70ies feminism, in 1977 Carol has an accident with an alien machine. Her DNA gets altered, turning her into a human-alien hybrid. Carol now has superpowers including super strength, durability and flight. Boobs on the suit, and go! That’s not lazy writing, that’s called being solution oriented, pay attention you bigots. 

In the 2019 movie, all men are jerks who oppress strong and independent women. A woman is only truly free when she is free from men. All men are dumbed down to make Captain Marvel stand out.

Captain Marvel has no weaknesses at all. Even if Captain Marvel was a man, no one wants to see someone that is all powerful and wins every time, it's so boring. 

Box office: $1.1 billion, budget $152 million. It's the first female-led superhero film to pass the billion-dollar mark.

Thor: Love and Thunder (2022 Movie)

Thor has gotten fat and lazy, and now Mjolnir (the magic hammer) has chosen a girl to be a worthy hammer wielder. Don't get fat and lazy guys. Still 10/10 would watch... I mean, Chris and Padme...

Box office: $737 million, budget $250 million.

She Hulk (2022 series)

Here’s the thing Bruce, I’m great at controlling my anger. I do it all the time. When I’m catcalled in the street, when incompetent men explain my own area of expertise to me, I do it pretty much every day because if I don’t I will get called emotional, or difficult, or might just get murdered. So I’m an expert at controlling my anger because I do it infinitely more than you. 

Yes, that's the source of her anger: catcalling and mansplaining. Such a victim of the male patriarchy. These horrors totally compare to being hunted down by the U.S military, and all the other crap Bruce Banner has been through. She really one-upped him there. 

Imagine womansplaining emotional control to the Hulk and getting overly emotional while doing so. She’s a perfect example of the modern individual. Constantly losing your shit while giving yourself credit for being really good at controlling your emotions. She Hulk, Batwoman, and Captain Marvel would make a fun BFF-group. 

Status: Season 1 has 10 episodes planned, budget: $2-$3 million per episode. Lowest viewer ratings of all MCU b-list series. Good luck I guess... 

What's up Hollywood?

Some of these movies actually made quite good money, but believe it or not, their level of success is not my point.

I refuse to believe that all the Hollywood superhero writers are oblivious to how bad this all is. This is not stupidity, this is on purpose. They could easily make so much more money if they would create stories that we'd actually like and asked for. But money is not their goal anymore, they have enough of that. Their job is the active promotion of post-modern ideas such as class-unfairness, victimhood and government forced equality. It is useless to debate or beg these producers to take a different approach to our beloved superheroes.  They made up their mind and are focused on their political agenda. Expect more propaganda movies that promotes class divisions, and confirms the believes of those who feel oppressed while they're actually not.